Geo Brokers has access to a collection of exploration data, mainly 2D seismic data, which is available for purchase. Besides holding it's own database, the company acts as an agent for various entities based in Europe and Asia.

In many cases, the data has been trace reconstructed (scanned & vectorised) from original hard copy seismic sections and enhanced during this process. These data sets are a cost effective method of screening, often large, offshore areas prior to committing to new seismic acquisition. We also have a collection of vintage exploration reports from the Asia-Pacific region and Africa.

Geo Brokers relies on the expertise of Canesis (UK), Seismic Scanning and Processing Services (Gold Coast Australia), and P.T. Horizon Geoconsulting (Jakarta Indonesia) to convert original sections into industry standard SEG-Y format data. All of these companies have personnel with over 30 years industry experience in the processing and manipulation of seismic data sets.

Geo Brokers is supported by GeoCom Services Australia (Australia). GeoCom provide expertise in converting vintage seismic data and perform QC during the data preparation, manipulation, and load process for the work station environment. With over 30 years industry experience, GeoCom has encountered all and every problem imaginable in this exercise and are always able to develop a solution.


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